Dot Marie Jones talks filming the Cory Monteith Tribute and Lea

ARTIST: Glee Cast
SONG: Yesterday


Excuse me while I cry for the rest of the week.

And then cry again next week when I see the episode.

UGHHHH all the feels

Glee+ Cory Monteith + The Beatles= I can’t.

ARTIST: Miley Cyrus
SONG: Wrecking Ball (Studio Acapella)












this just changed my life

i listen to this, closing my eyes, taking in the lyrics. only then i have 100% respect for miley

this is important

fucking hell


i love this so much omg

Yeah okay so this is pretty damn gorgeous.

See… why didn’t she just release this?

yeah miley cyrus has a fucking VOICE and it will never stop killing me

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I’m scared that Lea will fall into depression, alcohol or worst…
I really hope her loved ones are here for her.
Pray for Lea.

She is just ruined right now. She is running out of tears. One thing she has done is that she has called his voicemail a couple of times to hear his voice. It is as heart wrenching as it sounds.

She has been surrounded by family and friends. She is not being left alone because they want to be by her and make sure she has a good base of people for support.


I made you a video to take your mind off of all of the drama.

10 PM, found dead.

11 PM, the body goes.

12 AM, the family knows.

1 AM, the friends find out.

2 AM, the lover shakes her head in doubt.

3 AM, the world is told.

4 AM, those who loved him cry, “He was meant to grow old."

5 AM, still in shock.

Tick, tock; life is a clock.

Time runs out when we don’t want it to stop.

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My Dad just handed me £10 and said “I never gave you this when Cory asked but now, I’ll give you what he wanted me to”

I’m crying once again

(this is what my Dad is referring to)


If I wake up tomorrow to a crying Darren on my dash I will lose my shit. 

Fans who will be there, don’t be rude if he won’t sign stuff and/or take photos. If you see the paps are being rude while taking videos/recordings, talk shit so they can’t post it (that actually works). 

This is going to be really hard.